MAY 15 2007
It's 5 days away - Sunday May 20th - the day I officially launch my company Linda & Harriett to the world - or at least the paper people world. It's the National Stationery Show, and it's the largest trade show of its kind. I have a little booth in a very big place, but it's my very own, filled with my very own designs - which I am proud and happy to say, I really love.
This is my first blog - never blogged before. So please be patient as I give this a try...


This was my very first blog post, six and a half years ago! I was newly married, had just started L&H and didn't know what I was doing with the blog, but I knew I liked to write & share my life & work life. So I've kept at it. And since then, I've had my first child, lost my father, lost my mother in law, sold a home to buy another, and had my second child. I've exhibited in six annual trade shows, sold to large & small national and international retailers, expanded parts of the business I shouldn't have, hired & fired people, massively cut back when I got pregnant with Griffin and have launched products that made my heart sing. And all along the way, I've shared pieces of these big life moments and big work-life moments. I have to admit, it's been a little bit selfish because it's partly therapeutic (thank you for being my sounding board) and partly focus group (thank you for encouraging me!). But I've also made some really nice web friends, which makes me so happy! So thank you for being there, for reading, for writing me. I heart you so so much! Here's to more from L&H and more writing on here - which will of course mean more pics of my big little guy and chubby gal :)


Linda & Harriett
arvind s grover
November 18 2013

Liz, what a great first post! We remain patient, and now love your posts. Your work and your family all are welcome for this reader’s eyes. Keep up the great work. Sometimes blogging ebbs and flows, and that’s a-ok,

I am looking forward to what’s to come…

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