I have taken my sister's Christmas card photo in the past & let me tell you, getting multiple kids to smile and sit nicely in one still frame is no easy feat. There was one year with so many tears. Kids don't want to sit still and smile. They don't.

We took our Christmas card photo last weekend. There aren't any tears here, and I actually kinda love this little outtake. Louise looking cute, Griffin standing as I asked, John trying to wrangle Kingsley -- it's the real deal. 

There should be a website full of Christmas card photo outtakes. I bet there would be all sorts of shenanigans going on. Blurry body movements, crying, mad faces, silly faces, crossed arms. Someone should do this, right??



Linda & Harriett
December 05 2013

I love that idea!! First year with a child – lets see how our picture turns out :)

December 06 2013

love this outtake: louise is zeroed in on the camera/you :)

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Linda & Harriett

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