Turkey Day

Linda & Harriett
December 01, 2013 • add a comment

All year, we had planned to bring Thanksgiving dinner over to my sister and her husband because they would have a newborn baby & wouldn't want to travel. The baby arrived - a boy! And we were all excited to be together. The meal was planned. Drinks were discussed. Naps were figured out. Then Louise got a runny nose and a pesky cough and sadly, we had become terrible company for a newborn. Since we had already bought everything for the meal, we forged ahead and baked & cooked all day long for our little family of four, leaving the apartment only to take the dog out.

And it was nice. And strange. It was easy. It was the first time I hadn't travelled for Thanksgiving in I don't know how many years. While I wouldn't choose it every year and was certainly bummed to not be with my sister, I must admit, for something we didn't plan, it was sorta fun.

(Goofball at the table. Mom may or may not have started it.)

(Wishbone breaking.)

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Linda & Harriett

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