I thought it would be fun to do a few of my favorite gift picks this week. First up is the Crowd-Pleaser gifts -- a few things you can't go wrong with.

clockwise, from upper left:

The Linda & Harriett 2014 Calendar : Biased, of course, but who doesn’t love a calendar with pretty patterns? 

Mini planter : I love a plant that’s not needy. And this pretty vessel is its perfect home.

Windowpane Kitchen Towel : This is the best kitchen towel I own. And I own a lot. 

Polka Dot Mug : I like this mug too much to put away. It makes me happy just looking at it. Fill with your favorite tea or homemade cookies. 

Maldon Sea Salt : Who would have thought salt could be life-changing. 

Square Ice Cube Trays : A perfect match of form + function, these ice cube trays make big beautiful square cubes that reduce dilution. 

Linda & Harriett Plaid Notepad and a Le Pen : Pair and classic-patterned notepad with a beautiful pen. 

Gold Glitter Twine : The prettiest twine for anything requiring a knot or bow (wink).


Stay tuned for two more Gift Picks this week: For the Kiddos and For your Friend/Mom/Sister. 


Linda & Harriett
December 09 2013

Thank you for including us! Such a compliment. xo MAV

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Linda & Harriett

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