Louise is One!

Linda & Harriett
January 14, 2014 • 1 comment


All the cliches of parenthood are true. Sappy and true. The one that stands out today is they grow up so fast. While little Louise isn't exactly grown up yet, she is growing, and fast. And her turning one today is, well, a little tough for me. I don't think it felt as heart-tugging when Griffin turned one. It was more of a celebration. He's going to devour his cake! (He gagged on it.) And surely I'll get there, but I'm starting at a place of heart-pang today as my little baby now enters the age of years. 


Little Lou, I secretly wanted you to be a boy. I thought it would be fun for Griffin to have a little brother side-kick. And it turns out he got it - in his smiley, rough & tumble, adoring little sister. And how wrong I was. When you were born, and you were you, a little girl - We had a girl! - my heart burst into pieces & will never be the same. You've brought complete joy to our lives and I'm over the moon that you are you. I love you more than words, little lady of mine. 



Linda & Harriett
January 14 2014

Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Nothing like a little girl who will be your best friend for life. Can’t believe she is ONE, have to say already. Enjoy it all. Love You .

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