I did these little gift round ups last year and it was too much fun not to do again. First up is for the little ladies. I think Louise would get a kick out of all these things and hope that's the case for the almost-two year olds in your life.


Clockwise from top:

Crown Headband : For dress up or to get her to put her boots on when you need to leave the house stat.

Magna-Tiles : Griffin's favorite has now become interesting to Louise, so we'll be asking Santa for another set of these fun magnetic building tiles that we bring with us everywhere.

Embroidery Art : I have long admired the embroidery pieces by Castle. This one made me laugh when I saw it.

Leggings : I love the very visible hand at play here. Louise has these in gold and they're starting to get snug, so I think we might need to get a larger pair - in black this time - and wear them with everything. 

Strawberry Socks : Louise loves nothing more than putting on socks - mine, Griffin's, Daddy's, even those of a friend over for a playdate. These strawberry socks are irresistible - just like her :)  

Books : The Swing (because it's her favorite thing to do at the playground), My Vest is White (because we're starting to talk about colors & we love Dick Burna) and Little Miss Fun (because she is). 

Design Letters Cup : L for Louise. Perfect for little ones learning to drink from a cup - it's melamine!

You are Loved tattoo : Because she is. And if she's going to have a tattoo, let it be by Julia Rothman

Popcorn Vest : Louise has the Popcorn sweater from Misha and Puff, and every time I put it on her she says "popcorn" - which is just the cutest, as is this sweet sweater vest that I wish they made in my size.


Stay tuned for three more Gift Picks this week!

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