Next up: Gift ideas for little guys like Griffin.

Clockwise from top:

Make Your Own Robot: box set of 15 different robots. Three of which are blank so you can draw on them. The set also comes with large envelopes so you can send some to friends - so sweet!

National Geographic Little Kids: The joy of snail mail plus all things nature. Perfect for curious little guys!

Batman Socks: Griffin loves action figures. Mommy doesn't love the idea of action figure clothing. Socks are the perfect compromise and something we can both get excited about :)

Books: The Odd One Out (interactive book for down time), Telephone (because he's recently started loving to whisper), and Mr. Brave (because he is).

Dominoes: Griffin has started playing games & loves them. This one is super cute. 

3 Month Tattly Subscription: Who doesn't love getting something in the mail? Add in fun temporary tattoos & you've got a homerun. 

Kite: These Haptic Lab kites are beautiful enough to display indoors until spring. 

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