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December 08, 2014 • add a comment


My friend Taylor is a Horticulturalist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and is the beauty behind Gamine - a high quality, well-designed line of workwear for women. I love her story of how she got started - which includes wanting her clothes to hold up to working in the dirt all day and not wanting to look frumpy. Oh, and Bill Cunningham. Obviously.

I was super excited when Taylor asked me to design a bandana for Gamine. She gave me free reign - which was pretty amazing (that never happens) and exciting. I wanted to honor her passion for American-made textiles & immediately thought of quilts. I experimented with some quilting ideas (below), feeling inspired by the work of American artist Ellsworth Kelly.



I loved the quilted look, but as a print (see below, tacked up next to the final piece), I was missing the little turned up edges from the actual quilt - that magical moment where one thing physically ends and another begins. I wanted to love it, but it just wasn't right. 



So I decided to scratch that and instead draw inspiration from Taylor's work -- plant life. I translated my beloved fig branches to fit the bandana shape (below) and loved it instantly. It felt loose and happy. Natural. This was a great start.



I added inky frames, scattered "seeds" and a striped border for additional texture & keep it feeling contained. 



We discussed color, but ultimately Taylor decided to keep it black & white - which I'm thrilled about. It came out so beautifully! 



The bandanas are a cotton / linen blend and screenprinted & sewn in the USA. They will be available in the Gamine shop in early 2015! Email Gamine for more details.

Thank you so much, Taylor!! xoxo

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