Artist Judith Scott

Linda & Harriett
January 29, 2015 • add a comment

We took the kids to the Brooklyn Museum last weekend. They're still so young, but it makes me happy to talk about the art we see, even if they think we're speaking a different language. 

One of the current exhibitions features the work of artist Judith Scott. The pieces are incredible - meticulously wrapped objects - some recognizable and visible, others hidden amongst the weaving. I hadn't known of Scott or her work before walking into the museum (my favorite way to discover an artist - blindly) and her work stopped me in my tracks. I read the artist bio on the wall and then read a bit more about her work & life in a New York Times article when I got home.

Her life's story is heartbreaking and beautiful and hopeful. Read more here or go see her work in person at the Brooklyn Museum.

[images are my own, from our visit to the Judith Scott Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum]

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