More National Stationery Show preparations today....

I pick up some furniture I am renting for my booth. The piece I am most excited about is the kitchen hutch - something I was introduced to by my friend Katie who loves these things. And now I love them too. I am planning on showing my note cards in there next to some china and platter pieces - some from my mom, some from my wedding registry. I am really looking forward to seeing how it all looks together.

Baking is also on the list of things to do today - chocolate chip cookies - and as many as I can bake is the goal. My sister Katie and my husband John are my go-to bakers this week. We're giving these away at the show - just a sweet little hello from Linda & Harriett.


Linda & Harriett
May 21 2007

The booth looks amazing! What a fantastic embodiment of Linda & Harriet in booth/home form! Kudos! And I am LOVING some of these new prints Im seeing on notecards… Definitely a few that need to be purchased shortly.

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Linda & Harriett

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