Meet Hedgy

Linda & Harriett
October 05, 2007 • 4 comments

Our newest little guy is here! Meet Hedgy. Letterpressed in Pea Green - he looks great with Navy, Sky Blue and Chocolate. He's so cute. My new favorite. I keep saying that - but I really do mean it.

Marisa Haedike's characters, as I blogged about the other day, have the greatest names - like Pearl the spider, Bart the penguin, Knut the polar bear... I love them. I have only named one of my characters - Frank (the alligator) - after my dad:

I don't know why I thought it would be a good fit - but he's so much more Frank to me than Alligator. And I think I love him more because of it. (Frank the alligator, that is, not my dad. My dad is my favorite person in the world - but I don't love him more for his name.)

So Marisa's names have gotten me thinking about naming characters b/c I believe, although I don't know this for certain, that she has stories behind all her characters and paintings. And for the most part, I do too. Moose Peeking is definitely after my love for all things from Maine, and the only place I have ever seen one. Cows remind me of my childhood trips to my mom's farm in Pennsylvania. Roosters remind me of old hand-towels and china from childhood. Flamingos was a two-part inspiration: one for my friends Barbara and Bob, who have the quirkiest love for them, and two, when thinking for a design for our Cure Card, I wanted it be something elegant, strong and graceful. And now Hedgy - who comes from my friend Jess, who I've known most of my life as Bird. Maybe Hedgy should actually be called Bird? That would be confusing. But sweet, actually.

I wonder what would happen if I let you all influence my character choice - you guys pick the character/animal/thing - I design it, and then maybe you also name it? That would be kinda fun... thoughts?


Linda & Harriett
Marisa and Creative Thursday
October 06 2007

I LOVE hedgy!

Liz Libré
October 08 2007

No, not embarassing – thanks for writing! I love Marisa’s work, too.I’ll say this about working with your husband: it’s just plain challenging. But I also think I set myself up for a tough road – I’m kind of a control freak and he’s waaaay more laid back – which is a good combo I suppose. It’s just an adjustment. I’m also quickly learning that he’s really good at things I’m not. I may just post about this b/c I have a lot to say….

October 08 2007

Heehee~ if you’d left me with the task of naming the animals, you’d have some pretty weird names out there! :)That said, what a coincidence that we posted about Marisa (I wrote that post a week ago, and left it as a draft).Oh, and congrats about you and your hubby working together! I’d always wanted to know how that would feel—how has it been so far? And yes, I was meaning to comment on your so many posts, but have consolidated it all into one—how embarrassing!

Ryan O'Brian
October 08 2007

You should definitely call Hedgy “Bird”! It’s so fitting!

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