April Showers

Linda & Harriett
October 22, 2007 • 3 comments

It's nowhere near threatening for rain today here in Brooklyn. In fact, the high today is supposed to be 78 degrees! I put on shorts this morning and then had to change - on principal. It is late October! After the many posts dedicated to my love of all things fall, you all know by now I'm in my favorite time of year - the cooler weather being up there on the list of reasons why fall rules. So the high today is making a real mess of everything for me.

So I'm posting April from our new calendar - showers - which are being called for tomorrow, followed by cooler temperatures. Hooray for the showers!


Linda & Harriett
October 24 2007

So pretty…

October 22 2007

How gorgeous! I love the raindrops.

Katie Coulson
October 22 2007

I am really looking forward to my calendar (both, hehe). One in the office and one at home… I can’t have too many calendars in my life!! You also can’t have too many things to write “to do” lists on, so your notepads are great for those, especially the notecard one!

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