Paperwhites For Bird

Linda & Harriett
December 06, 2007 • 4 comments

I love paperwhites. I love the simplicity of their bloom on top of their forever long stems - and of course I love the way they smell. (Side note: John thinks they smell like pee and thinks maybe I like the smell of pee. Nice.) Moving on, I do love them. They also remind me of my dear friend Bird. Years ago, my mom helped Bird put together a little paperwhite arrangement for her parents. A couple days later, they found out that her dad was allergic, and I'm pretty sure that ended paperwhites in their house for good.

I'm especially enjoying my paperwhites today because it's Bird's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Birdie!

And ps, feel free to protest John's sentiment. I mean... pee?? Let's get serious here.


Linda & Harriett
December 06 2007

I’ve heard the pee comment a couple of times – cat pee in particular… I love them however and don’t mind the scent at all! I’ve found that the mini latte bowls from Anthropologie with some rocks placed in the bottom are great for forcing single bulbs. A simple, inexpensive and elegant hostess or coworker gift… Enjoy & ignore John’s comments!!

December 07 2007

Paperwhites are always a holiday tradition at my house—they’re scent can be pretty heady, but they are so beautiful!

December 06 2007

Daisies smell like pee, but not paperwhites:) I LOVE paperwhites (lots of people hate their smell though)

December 13 2007

I LOVE them – John’s crazy…

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