The hail tapping my window right now has prompted me to post this most delicious post.

Hot chocolate is a staple of mine for getting through the winter. I don't know how I survived four years living in Maine - but I'm a complete wuss when it comes to winter. My hands, my feet, my nose - they all cry out as soon as my pinky toe steps outside. (John loves this about me.) I walk around with my shoulders pressed up to my ears and wonder why I have a sore neck.

So anyway - hot chocolate. Last February, New York Magazine rated the city's top cups of hot chocolate, and I was pretty proud that my favorite was also their number one choice: City Bakery. YUM. It's more like drinking chocolate and you can really only have about 5 or 10 sips before you get a tummy ache. So take it easy. My friend Nick says Jacques Torres is the best, but NYMag only gave it #7:

Try to keep up, Nick.


Linda & Harriett
December 14 2007

Totally unrelated though either of those cups of cocoa would be welcome on this snowy AM in Colorado… I received the L&H calendar as a surprise pre-Christmas gift in the mail yesterday & it’s fantastic!!! I want it be Jan 1 NOW so that I can display it – now the question of whether or not I should hang up one month at a time or the whole beautiful year at once… Great work!

December 13 2007

Birdie Nummers! I love Mexican Hot Chocolate. Doesn’t hot chocolate remind you of breakfast in Spain.

December 20 2007

liz we all know JT be rocking the HC in Brooklynnnn

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Linda & Harriett

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