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Linda & Harriett
January 16, 2008 • 4 comments

These are cupcakes and cakes. All edible parts, cakes! Jill Adams is the genius behind The Cake Studio, based here in Brooklyn that custom designs these amazing and yummy works of art. I found Jill while searching locally for a cool grooms cake. I wanted something completely personal, funky and fun since it was a complete surprise for John. I haven't been on Jill's website in a while, so I was thrilled to see all this new stuff she's done. I am in love with the little frog prince cupcakes, but this tea set is my new favorite. Jill is quite the talent and is such a lovely person. Read more about Jill and her artistic background here. See more of The Cake Studio's crazy-yummy creations here.


Linda & Harriett
January 16 2008

These cakes are amazing! And she is so young! Imagine how her cakes will evolve…This lady has girlpower. I love the lambie cake.

Jhef Zurx
May 14 2013

Just wanted to let you know, Amy from Amy's Baking Company Boutique and Bistro in Scottsdale AZ is passing these off as her own on Facebook –

January 16 2008

I don’t know if I could eat them!

Megan Bhagwandeen
May 16 2013

someone is stealing this photo from you…

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