Oysters in the Mail

Linda & Harriett
February 14, 2008 • 4 comments

You may remember my post on these cool Oyster Save the Dates I did for Dee & Doug. I also put together this simple return address rubber stamp for them, which I think is such a great, non-expensive option that in my opinion will always be far superior to labels or laser printing.

Dee was nice enough to send over a few pictures of the stuffed, stamped and addressed version:

I LOVE the kraft paper/letterpress combo. And the nautical stamps they used are perfect for this seaside wedding. Well done, Dee & Doug. And thanks for sharing!


Linda & Harriett
February 14 2008

These look really great. Did they address the envelopes themselves? The handwriting is fabulous!

February 14 2008

i am still smitten with these. and by the way, i’m seeing oysters everywhere right now. second force.

Liz Libré
February 14 2008

She had a friend do the calligraphy I think. I know she was worried about her own handwriting. It is great though, isn’t it?

February 20 2008

Amazing stuff!

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