I've been dying to announce a very exciting project we were asked to be a part of for this year's stationery show. Shelley at Albertine Press has spearheaded a letterpress collaboration called "Small Studios, Big Ideas Print Production" in which Albertine Press, Spruce Avenue, Two Trick Pony and us all contributed work based on stanzas from the Lewis Carroll poem, The Walrus and the Carpenter. In order to complete the full set, attendees of the show will go around and collect the cards from each of our booths. I am thrilled to be a part of this and am so excited to see all of the cards in person.

This is our card - based on the last three stanzas of the poem - where, after the Walrus and the Carpenter convince the oysters to take a seemingly friendly walk on beach, they eat them!

If you'll be at the show, make sure to visit us at #2059.


Linda & Harriett
Eva Jorgensen
June 02 2008

i was there at the show and didn’t know about this! wish i did!

May 12 2008

genius! and once again, making me wish i were there to “collect the set” (especially since your oyster card is there ….)

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Linda & Harriett

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