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May 13, 2008 • 8 comments

For the rest of the week, I'm going to give you a sneak peek of the new collections that we're launching at the stationery show. The two big debuts are our very first Letterpress Wedding Album (which I've been posting about here and there) and a new line of ours called Redesigned - a limited edition of letterpress misprints, reconstructed by hand.

In printing, there are bound to be misprints - too much ink here, too little there, a mis-score everywhere. But it makes me sad to throw away letterpress work - even if it's not perfect. So we've been collecting those misprints - keeping them for reuse - even though we had no idea how or what come of them. Above is one of our Redesigned offerings: a letterpress flower pin. I cut all the petals by hand, sewed them together, attached a button and a pin on the back - and tada! A letterpress pin! That could have been tossed.

We'll be launching our Redesigned line on our website next week to coincide with the show.


Linda & Harriett
May 13 2008

Brilliant, Liz! I had hoped to make it down to walk the show but don’t know if I can swing it.Good luck!

Katie Coulson
May 13 2008

I love it! And wait until everyone else sees the sneak peak I got on Sunday of the Redesigned line…. great things to come my fellow L&H fans.

May 13 2008

Love that idea and am so glad you found a way to reuse what would have been thrown away. Good luck at the show!

May 13 2008

So fun! Love them! Have fun at the show!

May 13 2008

I LOVE that idea! Love your work too, can’t wait to see more..

May 13 2008

totally genius! see you at the show!

Liz Libré
May 13 2008

Wow! Thanks you guys! This is a departure for us – so I’m thrilled to hear your feedback. I’ll post some more soon. Elisabeth – Swing it! I’d love to meet you – and you’d love the show!

May 14 2008

You’re so clever. Love it!

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