We Love Our Moms

Linda & Harriett
June 17, 2008 • 1 comment

I know I've mentioned Kate Spade's online feature Behind the Curtain before - but it's too good not to bring it up again. Especially when they have a column called "We love our Moms" - a tribute to employees' mothers. After all the sad news surrounding the passing of Tim Russert, I can't help but ache for his son - and am reminded of how precious our lives are. And how lucky I am to have had an amazing mother for my first 18 years and to have a father who is the most hard-working, most giving and hands down funniest person I know. Some day, I'd like to have an online section of tributes. I've got a lot of people to thank and be grateful for. For now, I hold on to each of them dearly in my heart - and I wish the same for you.


Linda & Harriett
June 17 2008

I love this and it would be perfectly suited to your company and your site.

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