We're slowly starting to catch our breath over here after what has been a busy busy month following the stationery show. So I have only just begun adding new items to our shop, and our Redesigned Dress Cards are first in line. For those new to our Redesigned Line - we are reconstructing by hand our letterpress misprints to create Dress Cards, Tags and Flower Pins. I had a lot of white paper to reuse, so I went with a white tank for the little dresses and am loving how they turned out - and how they look together. John says they look like the Eva Skirt from Dakota Martin. (Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!)

Stay tuned for Tags and Pins at the end of the week.


Linda & Harriett
June 26 2008

I love your designs and you clean, crisp style! I think they would be perfect for unique and elegant Save-the-Date cards for my Destination Wedding clients… Cheers!

June 25 2008

i love to see designers re-use their scraps like this and create an entirely new piece. nice work!

June 26 2008

These redesigns are awesome for the eye and for the earth. Way to go!!

Lizzy and Shannon
June 26 2008

umm.. can we print ths summer dress flower like that on a real Eva?? How great of a wedding guest outfit would THAT be?!?Love them!!

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Linda & Harriett

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