Unfortunately, I can't always visit the storefronts that carry our products, so I was thrilled to see that Broadway Paper has started a blog. Not only do I now get a peek in the doors of Broadway Paper, but I also get to hear the voice & happenings behind the store. Check out today's post to see some pics of our custom album as well as the Linda & Harriett in-store display! Thanks, Tracie!

[photo courtesy of Broadway Paper]


Linda & Harriett
June 28 2008

I love this blog…what beautiful photos. I have the feet with the red flowered shoe in the grass as the background. I am buying a house right now…are you going to do wallpaper with some of your fantastic designs? It would be lovely and sell well, too. i hope you are doing awesome. marie-isabelle gudule monique garnier

June 27 2008

We’re so excited to have the custom book!! Thanks for making great products for us to carry! :)

June 27 2008

Cool display! When do I get to see Linda and Harriet products in Portland stores??? If you need tips on Portland stores, I could give them to you:)

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Linda & Harriett

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