Piggy Escort Cards

Linda & Harriett
July 01, 2008 • 1 comment

Earlier this year, I did invitations for a great Brooklyn couple who just recently got married in his home state of Virginia. They were the first couple I worked with who felt really passionate about using recycled paper. (It was because of these two that L&H now offers recycled white and recycled pearl papers for all of our invitations - in addition to our 100% rag cotton papers.) Anyway - after the invitations were in the mail, they were looking for a way to do their escort cards and loved the little piggy note cards. I looked into our misprints box and found a whole bunch of them. Above, you see the finished product - misprinted letterpress piggies turned into escort cards. Love this. Thanks to E&B for being sharing these and for being so resourceful!


Linda & Harriett
February 25 2009

Hi! I just found your blog via an image on Snippet & Ink and have really enjoyed reading through your blog. These escort cards are so pretty that I just posted about them over on my blog too! Keep up the good work

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