As you may know, I started L&H as a custom rubber-stamp invitation business a few years ago. I designed the rubber stamps based on what clients were looking for and hand stamped each piece. (Similar to what I do now for custom letterpress work.) It can be a really playful process, which makes for some really interesting and unique work. Lately, I've been asked to do some really neat projects - with quick turnarounds - and rubber stamps are great for this.

Above is an invitation I did for Chelsea's grandmother's 90th birthday party. She wanted to include this fantastic photo of her grandmother, so I first printed that on Italian deckled-edge paper. Then I hand-wrote the invitation text and scanned that in to print that on top. And finally, added the stamped blooms on the bottom right corner. It was so fun (& fitting I think) to use such authentic pieces like the old photo, the handwritten text and the rubber stamp for such a momentous occasion. Thank you, Chelsea!

[photo courtesy of frolic!]


Linda & Harriett
July 24 2008

I saw this on {frolic!} – I love it! And I absolutely love the rubber stamping idea!

July 27 2008

I saw this on {frolic} as well, and I love it, I’m blogging about it tomorrow (with a link to you, of course).

July 24 2008

obsessed with that invitation. As usual, L&H = Bomb

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