Chez Panisse Vegetables

Linda & Harriett
August 06, 2008 • 5 comments

I recently bought a book (another Ironman book - I'm up to four now) on And you know that little trick they do - where they say something like - "You put these in your cart the last time and didn't buy them - do you want to buy them now?" I always ignore that - but for some reason, I was like - okay, okay, I'll finally order them. One of those books I have been holding back on buying was Alice Waters' Chez Panisse Vegetables. Oh my goodness. If there is one cookbook that I want to have forever - it's this one. First of all, the book is gorgeous - in function & in presentation & in practice. It flops open nicely - unlike some cookbooks that you have to pry & crease to stay open. And the illustrations are beyond words. Yes, they are vegetables - but they are beautiful. They were all originally letterpress pieces done by Patricia Curtan. I could cut out & frame a whole bunch of them if I didn't want to hold on to this book so badly. And the recipes are made up of all very simple & fresh ingredients. Thank you for reminding me to purchase. This is such a little gem. Go see for yourself here.


Linda & Harriett
August 06 2008

I have about nine of those lovely illustrations matted and framed….and no clue what to do with them…. but they’re so pretty!

August 06 2008

I love Alice Waters and just met her in Chicago at the farmers market a few weekends ago. What a great book!

Lizzy and Shannon
August 06 2008

Im obsessed!! Blogged about her last summer… I even stalked her on email and have debated ordering prints many times.

August 10 2008

You must make the Long-cooked broccoli! Even if you don’t like broccoli. My husband made it for me on one of our first dates, and I knew he was the one!

Project Ecoart
August 06 2008

I’m a huge Chez Panisse fan…thanks for the tip. i will dfinitely go out and buy it!P.s. Love the blog and I will add you to my blogroll :)p.s.s. found you via

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