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Linda & Harriett
August 21, 2008 • 6 comments

I am obsessed with mixing patterns - or at least putting them together like in this combo of coral-colored liners. So I'm toying with the idea of offering a selection of liner patterns in the same colorway. I think this would be a great way to change up your otherwise simple stationery set. I mean, when you order nice stationery, you're probably ordering 50 or 100 or even more. So why not have a little variety?


Linda & Harriett
August 21 2008

absolutely! great idea :)

August 21 2008

Where do you purchase blank liners so you can print your own design? Thank you!

August 21 2008

love, love, love the zig and lace in orange. so fabulous.

August 26 2008

Brilliant idea! Variety is the spice of life and that orange color is gorgeous!

cyndi & lee
August 22 2008

Love them!

August 21 2008

I love that idea! I always design stationery sets that way but I’ve never done it with liners. Love the orange!

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