IM in Training: Tri #1

Linda & Harriett
September 15, 2008 • 5 comments

We headed north this weekend to do the Lake George Triathlon - the first of two before the big daddy. The distances were small in comparison to what we're in for in November - .9mi swim, 24mi bike, 6mi run - but it was still enough for now - and was so fun. I actually thought on the bike of all things, "I'm so glad I got into this sport." (Don't think I'll be thinking that in November - but you gotta hold onto that silver lining!)

The swim was a little nerve-wracking since I've been swimming in a crystal-clear pool with defined lanes this whole time - but after a few minutes of realizing there's no turning back, you just go. Same with the bike - nervous at first about knee pain, but when that wasn't too bad, I just went for it. The run was tough for the first 10 minutes or so - all uphill - but then your legs recover a bit - and there, too, I was feeling strong - and was able to pick it up. Overall - I finished 42nd out of all women and 7th in my age group. Of course I don't know how many women were competing or how many of them were in my age group - but I kinda don't care. 7th sounds cool - and I'm holding on to it all the way to Arizona!

Photos above: Transition area where everyone is starting to gear up for the swim start; wet bike sitting in the racks; my legs - my age on my right (a requirement for individual racers) and on the left, a little homage to my mom, a strong lady who I needed with me. I like to think she gave me some wings yesterday.


Linda & Harriett
September 15 2008


southern daze
September 15 2008

Congratulations on not only finishing, but finishing in grand fashion!

September 15 2008

That’s so sweet about your mom. I know she IS still cheering for you. migarnier

Rachel Lynn Eckenthal
September 22 2008

amazing couls!

September 15 2008

heart mom, gave me chills … awesome!

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