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Linda & Harriett
October 02, 2008 • 6 comments

John & I got an amazing invitation project (and largest to date) at the end of last week for a big event in the city and have been working on it like crazy. I can't wait to share it, but I need our client to see it first:)

In the meantime, here is a quick shot of another project we have been working on - a cozy winter wedding of cable knits! Love this. That's my handwriting up there - which looks a hundred times nicer in letterpress. Isn't that always the case with letterpress, though? I think so. More of this and other recent work coming next week.


Linda & Harriett
October 02 2008

I love this…I’m intriuged by how they will tie the knitting theme into the wedding itself!

October 02 2008

I love it! You are one of the reasons I’m getting a press. You are so talented! I love your handwriting and I also agree that all things look better in letterpress!

October 02 2008

i’ve said this before, but i love your handwriting, letterpressed or not. :) this invite is charming.

October 08 2008

This invitation is divine! It’s inspired me to design something with my handwriting :)

October 02 2008

These are lovely! The combination of the knitted pattern and your handwriting is really just beautiful.

June 07 2011

Can I order these for my wedding in Decmber 2011? I just sent and email to info as well. Thanks!

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