My Style, According to Ikea

Linda & Harriett
November 07, 2008 • 8 comments

We're signing the lease on our new commercial space today - woo hoo! Our new space is much larger than our current one and is basically one big rectangle, so the potential is huge. I've been scouring the web for office layouts and furniture (must get rid of the flourescent lights!) when I came across this Ikea Business Stylefinder. Ikea tells me I'm "Country Original" and even breaks down my style as: 0% Modern, 20% Scandinavian and 80% Country. I guess that's about right. If anyone comes across any great office/working studio layouts - please pass them along! I'm struggling, here.

Have a great weekend!


Linda & Harriett
November 07 2008

I am scadinavian zen. FUN!

five dot design
November 07 2008

just a suggestion…break your workspace into sections. it will be easier to tackle. the scheme and colors, etc of each section can play off of each other, but not necessarily match completely. i do suggest a giant work table in the middle and branch off from that. have a administrative section, shipping section, design/inspiration section, production section, lounge section… just to get your wheels turning! good luck!

November 07 2008

love this! apparently i’m a Modern Minimalist…xoKelly

November 10 2008

lemme know if you need help with space planning…i’m in the biz :)

Liz Libré
November 08 2008

thanks, five dot – this is great advice!liz

November 19 2008

You can go into the IKEA Locations & they have free design service for businesses. Just ask for the IKEA Business planners.

November 14 2008

came over here from design*sponge. I love your blog and your products. hopefully you’ll post pictures of that new commercial space? I love looking at that kind of thing.

Kimberly Julie
November 13 2008

Apparently I am 40% Scandinavian, 60% Country… very close. :)

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