I'm Sorry, from the Dog

Linda & Harriett
December 02, 2008 • 5 comments

This is what happens when my little four-legged baby acts up... I write I'm Sorry notes. Today, I'm sending my second I'm Sorry note from Kingsley. The first was to our niece whose American Girl, Nicki, became One-Arm Nicki after a visit to Brooklyn and had to be sent away to the "hospital" for two weeks to get a new arm. This one is going to my one and a half year old nephew who Kingsley knocked over, stood on top of, and licked from head to toe over Thanksgiving. In her note, Kingsley apologizes for mistaking him for a bar of soap back in Brooklyn that she so loves and promises to try harder not to make that mistake again. I cringe every time she does something bad around people, but to do it to them is a whole other issue and definitely requires a sincere I'm Sorry note, from the dog.


Linda & Harriett
December 02 2008

The mental image of her doing that TO the baby made me laugh out loud. My daughter would have been PISSED and I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing! You’re very sweet to write a I’m sorry note and I’m sure One Arm dolls will be all the rage in the new year. :)

southern daze
December 02 2008

You are such a clever + thoughtful person!

December 02 2008

I love Kingsley’s handwriting!

December 02 2008

haha…. I’ve never wrote a “sorry” card but my dogs do write “get well” cards. hehe a fellow family member (dog) was sick and may have to have surgery so Bella decided to make a get well card…

December 05 2008

I just got a new puppy, and he’s already, ahem, marked his territory at a friend’s house! This is a great idea. Bailey definitely needs to get an apology out asap! Thanks for writing about this- both thoughtful and entertaining!

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