New Year, New Lists

Linda & Harriett
January 12, 2009 • 3 comments

I'm a huge lister. I list everything. If I don't, it's likely to be forgotten. That's probably why I like our notepads so much - the impromptu list & note is perfect for me. Today, L&H is making a giant list of goals for 2009. It's always been important to me to keep a "Looking Ahead" list - something I keep in Word so I can add to and reference all the time and has things like "update the website to include personalized stationery" or "figure out a better way to package our flats" or "discuss budget for hiring a pr person" - things like that. So today we'll sit down and decide what needs to happen in 2009 to make L&H better. I LOVE days like this because it gets me really organized and excited for the upcoming months!


Linda & Harriett
Mrs. Newlywed
January 12 2009

Oh I am also a “lister.”I even have special paper for my lists at work to differentiate it from the other papers scattered around me.

January 13 2009

oh, i’m a lister, too, but my handwriting gets less readable as the list gets longer …..

January 12 2009

Cool post! Have you happened to catch the latest issue of Real Simple?! It’s all about list-making as well.

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