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Linda & Harriett
January 15, 2009 • 5 comments

I don't know how or why I got this issue because I didn't order it for myself, but it arrived in my mailbox the other day - and I'm thrilled it did! I stared at the cover for a solid minute before even opening it up - and for several reasons. First, and as I said, I had no idea why I was getting this magazine - did someone order this for me? Did I finally give in to a two for one promotion? Secondly, I love spaghetti and meatballs - the perfect comfort food that is hard to mess up but is out of this world when done to perfection. And lastly and most poignantly, there was not a single headline or mention of content. It looked like a throw back issue - to a time where people didn't have to lure people in with hooks that may or may not be representative of the material. I thought this was a new movement of the magazine - but I saw online that there is a version of this issue with headlines. It still has me thinking about packaging though - about a more visually simplistic encasing. More of a whisper of what's inside than the screaming & hollering you usually see. It's got me thinking about our own L&H packaging and I'm inclined to go the whispering route.


Linda & Harriett
January 15 2009

Gourmet {and Food & Wine and Martha Stewart Weddings and Living} is one of the magazines that if you subscribe you get a clean cover. When I say clean, I mean without headlines, etc. I love it. I guess they figure if you already subscribe, you don't need to be woo'd from the grocery line to buy the mag. I totally agree and am very happy to look at the fantastic pictures on them without all the words!

January 15 2009

I love this thought. This magazine cover is perfect. I can’t stand screaming covers. I don’t care if a magazine has 545 organizing ideas in one issue. Doesn’t make a difference to me.I think I stare at that cover every time I go to the grocer. I love meatballs!

Lizzy and Shannon
January 15 2009

you know, I dont want to take credit - but I have gotten a ton of “free gift subscription when you renew” cards in the mail, and have definitely done a few. I think I remember writing you on one?? And Gourmet would make sense because Im obsessed with their photography and coloring… BUT like I said I dont remember this for sure, so you cant thank me bc I could be taking credit where it is NOT due. just the same-this cover made me want to make and eat meatballs and I havent eaten red meat in at least 15 yrs.

January 18 2009

Well said! My husband and I had to get 2 subscriptions – yes 2. He kept getting really peeved with me because I would cut out the pictures for inspiration…lol. Kari h.

January 15 2009

This is an especially attractive cover. I also love a throwback look to simpler times and aesthetics. These days I think we (as a society) tend to overdo most things. But I don't think that L&H ever screams. :)

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