Junk Drawers

Linda & Harriett
March 03, 2009 • 2 comments

At the National Stationery Show last year, John and I each had a drawer in our booth where we stashed a whole bunch of extra stuff - tape, business cards, pens, etc. - and upon opening both at the same time - I immediately noticed how different they were: me with my LipSmackers lip balm and him with his box cutter and clamps. You may recall my post about this last year. So when I saw these photos by Paho Mann via 20x200, I was totally drawn in. They're like little windows into people's lives. The first is Junk Drawer, Tempe Arizona and the second is Junk Drawer, Brooklyn New York.

Read more on Mann's work here.

[photos courtesy of 20x200.com]


Linda & Harriett
katy elliott
March 11 2009

how great were those drawers? Loved them.

March 04 2009

I love how it seems that geography makes a difference! In our junk drawer, you’re likely to find Sharpies, expired coupons, and matches. Hmmm…don’t ask me why. It just ends up that way.

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