When we were thinking about the 2009 National Stationery Show & all the editing we're doing with our product line for it, the one product I really wanted to push was our notepads. I am a notepad freak. I use them all the time. And I think our customers agree. So we decided to stick with the pattern style - and I'm loving the four new ones we just got in. We're rolling them out next week, but I just couldn't help but give you a little sneak peek. Two are from an oldie, but a goodie, and two are brand new - one of which was designed by a super-talented artist. Stay tuned for next week's debut.


Linda & Harriett
southern daze
April 03 2009

I was the lucky recipient of one of your notepads from a giveaway you did last year and I just have to say…it’s my favorite! I use it all the time and smile each time I use it thanks to the beautiful shade of blue. I have a ton of notepads around the house and although I don’t really need another, I can definitely see one of your new beauties coming to live with me :-)

April 04 2009

I’m still loving the heck out of my moose notepad, but those new designs are definitely worth getting excited over. Plus, they make me think of spring and summer. I can’t wait.

April 03 2009

I love the blue scales! I already have the tulips and the pigs, but now I want another notepad! I am a big time list maker, so they are always so handy, and pretty at the same time!

katy elliott
April 07 2009

I can’t wait to see. I love notepads too!

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Linda & Harriett

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