NSS: Wrap Up & Us

Linda & Harriett
May 21, 2009 • 3 comments

This is definitely not a winner photo of me - I blame Katie for not telling me my hair looked like a character from Fraggle Rock - but it was the only one I had of the two of us from the show. So here you go, world - Fraggle Rock hair and all. And Katie would like me to add that it was the last day, which was only three hours - so we knew it would be a ghost town and that we needed to pack up & move out -- so we dressed accordingly:)

I enjoy the show more & more every year as I've gotten to know a few other stationers and really look forward to catching up with them. Christine & Evan from Yellow Owl Workshop have got to be my favorite people of all time. And I am over the moon obsessed with Christine's work. It's also fun getting to meet people you only know from the blog world or only know via email. I particularly enjoyed getting to meet Jane, Suann, Nole, Peggy, Maria & chatting with Vané while we were resting our feet.

We'll be adding new stores to our list as we ship out orders over the next several weeks - but if you have a stationery store in your area that you absolutely love - let us know! We can't find them all and love getting recommendations for good ones.

Off to unpack our boxes & get this place back into order!


Linda & Harriett
May 21 2009

you guys are so cute! it was so great to meet you + see more of your work in person … especially excited about your new calendar! hope nss was a smashing success for you!

May 26 2009

Fraggle, I think it’s a cute picture!

May 22 2009

You both look great! And I love that crisscross idea you used to display some of your work. I’m glad you had a great time at the show.

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