While up in Maine this weekend, I stumbled upon this gem of a shop, Daytrip Society. The owners used to live in Brooklyn - which I could feel almost instantly in the well-designed layout & the well-curated items. I left with a couple gifts for friends and this book Wave by Suzy Lee for me. I fell in love with the simplicity of it - no words and just two colors. It reminds me of my summers growing up on the Jersey Shore - that feeling of being a kid on the beach - playing in the sand, chasing sea gulls, jumping over waves, swimming away from the crabs nibbling at our toes, building endless sandcastles & digging swimming pool ditches. This book simply makes me smile.

Check out Daytrip Society's great online shop here.


Linda & Harriett
May 27 2009

I love how simple but beautiful it is! Great find.

Beth J.
June 07 2009

I adore this book too! I LOVE the invites you did for Kristi and Peter's wedding and I can't wait to see you there.

May 28 2009

I love this book too! I ordered it for a baby birthday gift and liked it so much I had to keep it. Definitely brings back so many nice memories of growing up – for me, at South Carolina beaches.Love your blog and it was nice to meet you at the NSS – your booth and the string wall were awesome.

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Linda & Harriett

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