I did some website updates this weekend. I've decided to go back to showing thumbnails as abstracts rather than products. I stopped mid-way so I get could get some feedback from my L&H teammates - but I'd love to know what you guys think too. You can see the work in progress here. I need to adjust some of the color (like the Lavender Zig Zag swatch), but aside from that, I think I like it better. I'm just wondering if it's too abstract & therefore confusing. Any thoughts?

We're in Pennsylvania today for a benefit shopping event at Lankenau Hospital, so I'll be twittering from there.


Linda & Harriett
June 01 2009

I like the abstracts, and don’t find them at all confusing. Looking good!

April May
June 01 2009

I think the abstracts look wonderful!

southern daze
June 01 2009

I love the abstracts!

Liz Libré
June 02 2009

Thanks for the feedback, you guys! The reason I changed it originally was b/c I wanted the full product to be seen – much like what Tommy was saying – but I think I need a change. It can always go back! :)

June 01 2009

This is a tough one. While I really like the detail shots, I sort of like being able to see the whole product at a glance to get a better idea of the scale of the design and negative space. I think I have to vote for the more traditional way with detail shots on each product page. Have fun in Pennsylvania!

Kate@ Kids and Cocktails
June 01 2009

I love the new way!

June 03 2009

love the abstracts!

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