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Linda & Harriett
June 11, 2009 • 5 comments

Do you know of GOOP - Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter? I first heard of it because of the criticism that came from it's launching. People got their feathers ruffled because they couldn't dream of taking life advice from someone as high-profile & privileged as her. Whatever. I started subscribing to it earlier this year & genuinely look forward to the emails. She's got a lot of interesting friends & makes good use of that by letting us all in on a little bit of it. Anyway - enough of the defense - today's GOOP newsletter is all about cookie recipes. YUM. And at the top is Tate's. Do you know Tate's cookies? They're positively delicious. Check out today's newsletter here. And sign up for GOOP here. Enjoy.

[image courtesy of Tate's & GOOP]


Linda & Harriett
alli michelle
June 11 2009

Goop is a really cool site, a lot of people seem to be talking about it now. I still haven't subscribed to the newsletters, but those cookies look delicious!

June 13 2009

Last Christmas, the J. crew store was serving the most delicious chocolate chip cookies that I just had to ask where they were from. Tate's! They are amazing.

June 12 2009

I'm so easy – You said to sign up and I did. and I can't even eat cookies LOL Boy they look good though!

June 11 2009

Gah. I just bookmarked that hardcore. Those look delicious. :) Thanks!

June 14 2009

I love Gwyneth and I love GOOP! I look forward to her emails, and especially love the travel-themed ones.

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