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Linda & Harriett
July 09, 2009 • 14 comments

At the NSS this year, we gave away banana bread samples (a recipe from my best friends grandmother) with this letterpressed recipe card postcard. I love recipe cards and have been thinking about designing some for L&H - but do you think enough people still use them? I have a recipe binder that I use as more of a collect-all folder for all of my varying shaped recipe cards, tear-outs & print-outs. It's kind of a mess. Recipe cards (and a nice little box) would certainly be neater. Do you write out recipes? How do you organize them? Do you prefer to keep them in a folder or a book or a box? Talk to me, recipe collectors!


Linda & Harriett
July 09 2009

If you made a set of cute recipe cards I'd buy them in a second!

July 09 2009

Liz,I just stumbled across your blog today (via Mint). I love it! I too loved school supplies more than back-to-school clothes … and would love to be able to open a letterpress. I'd love to chat with you to hear more about your experiences. Back to the topic on hand, I love the idea of recipe cards. I have a ginormous collection of torn-out magazine pages and online print-outs strewn across my kitchen. I'd love to have them printed on cards, cataloged in a nice, neat box. So, I say … yes to recipe cards :-) Love your site and blog … and hope we can connect!All the best,Katie

nole @ oh so beautiful paper
July 09 2009

I'm afraid I don't use them myself (I also have a big ugly binder instead), but I'd get them as presents for friends and family!

July 09 2009

I have a both a binder and a recipe card box, but I try to use the cards as much as possible. There is something sweet about taking the time to sit down and write out a recipe. I have some from both my Mom and Grandma and I treasure following the instructions that they so carefully wrote out years ago. So this is a really long way of saying that recipe cards are a great idea! They would make great wedding shower gifts, and I would definitely buy some for myself.

July 09 2009

pretty recipe cards just beg to be used and i'm sure you'd create some really pretty ones!xokellyps: i think those of us who didn't get to go to the show should get this banana bread recipe, too :)

July 09 2009

Those cards are beautiful! I tend to have recipes stuck in binders or tucked into cookbooks or on my computer. I'm not sure that I'm organized (or patient!) enough to write out my recipes, but I love the idea of the cards for those who would be inclined to go that route – I would definitely buy them as a shower or house-warming gift.

July 09 2009

Oooh, please do!! I still use them and keep them in a blank photo album divided into sections. I found a box too hard to organize and have flash backs of my mother's disorganized box. I had the hardest time finding a cute set when I started so please add your wonderful designs to a set!!!

July 09 2009

recipe cards would be delightful! i agree that they would make great gifts, too!

July 09 2009

I love this idea! :)

July 09 2009

Liz, those cards (and the bread) look amazing, as always, but I really don't know how many people would use them. I keep my recipes either in their original books or in a binder that's organized according to my crazy neural patterns. It can be difficult to find cool cards, but it's not impossible. I just hesitate before giving them as gifts, especially to younger people, because I worry that they'll get pushed to the back of a drawer. Your work deserves way better than that.

Liz Libré
July 09 2009

Thanks guys! I think we all agree that they're not the most practical – but that they'd be fun to have & give as gifts. As for the recipe… I'm submitting it to a popular blog for its kitchen/recipe series, so I might need to hold off on sharing it here for a little bit. If they don't bite, then I'll definitely share! xoxoLiz

southern daze
July 09 2009

I use both a binder (magazine clippings & online recipes) and a recipe box (for family recipes) and would LOVE some cute recipe cards. I'd use the cards to write out the recipes that made it into our "favorites" and this would allow me to keep them close at hand (my binder is out of control!)I tried to find some cute ones for Mother's Day and pretty much failed. I'm fairly certain you'd hit the jackpot if you designed some (knowing how awesome your designs are!)I'm with Kelly – can we sweet talk you into sharing the banana bread recipe with those that aren't able to attend NSS? Pretty please…

August 03 2009

Yes, please! A cute pattern w/ lines to write on would be perfect for personal use, bridal showers, and more. Please offer them soon…I would order in a heartbeat!- Hannah

July 10 2009

I have a binder where I put recipes from magazines, but I LOVE my vintage recipe holders and would adore some Linda & Harriett recipe cards!

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