It's Friday. And it's my birthday, so I'm taking off early to make sure I'm in time to blow out candles with my dad & my two year old (as of today!) nephew. Birthday Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year & I cannot wait.

And in honor of birthday weekend, I'm posting three completely irrelevant to L&H You Tube videos that I love - for a laugh, for a feel good song, for inspiration.

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!

(fast forward to 50 seconds on this one)

[videos above: ESPN video game ad featuring Tracy Morgan & Jeremy Roenick; Wilco & Fiest perform on David Letterman; stop motion senior thesis from SCAD graduate]


Linda & Harriett
southern daze
July 17 2009

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a GREAT day (and weekend!)

July 17 2009

Tracy Morgan is my favorite…especially Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. Happy birthday, Liz!

July 17 2009

these videos are so great!! thanks, and have a happy birthday!

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