Linda & Harriett
August 05 2009

Did you try making the pom pom's?I was inspired by martha's post to make a batch for my friend's bachelorette party. They were pretty but did't seem as full and fluffed up as the one's in Martha's pic.

August 05 2009

You could easily make them yourself. Here's the tutorial from Martha Stewart! me know how it works out. I love the look of pom poms.

Liz Libré
August 05 2009

I thought of that – and I might do it – but I was looking for a quick & easy solution:) We'll see.

Liz Libré
August 05 2009

Hmm, doesn't look so bad. Maybe I will. We have a lot of lavender tissue paper that would look great. Stay tuned.

Kate@ Kids and Cocktails
August 05 2009

I bought some from PomLove on Etsy and they were great! sO CUTE!

August 05 2009

Pearl River may have something similar – they seem to stock lots of paper decor…

August 05 2009

Try PomLove on Etsy!

August 05 2009

I saw a bunch of them at the Michael's store… I'm not sure where you are located but they should be able to let you know where to find some more. I just made a bunch for my friend's shower. It was more time consuming to actually fluff them then folding them together. Good luck!

Traveling bride
August 06 2009

Make them they are super easy and pretty quick to make. Check out my blog we made all the pom poms for that party, including the installation above the bar, we had about 5 people and we did them all with in 4 hours

August 05 2009

It's a neat look—maybe Oriental Trading? I know it's cheesy as Hades, but desperate times…

August 05 2009

they are quick and easy to make. I made four in less than an hour the other night for a party.

liz stanley
August 10 2009

yeah, i've made them and they're super easy. but if michaels carries them that might be even easier and you can concentrate on other details. good luck!

Helen B
August 08 2009

You can buy them at Michaels. They are awesome and with a little time can easily be made by hand.

August 15 2009

So easy to do yourself. I acheived extra fullness in my puff balls by making 2, fluffing them into half spheres, and attaching them together.

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