I was in Michigan this weekend for my sister's bridal shower, hosted by her fiance's mom & sister. I had heard so much about this great spot on Lake Michigan where he spent his summers growing up - and his grandparents and his mother. Everyone says it's hard to explain - but it was best put by someone over the weekend who said it's like Dirty Dancing. And it kinda is. There's the men's doubles tennis tournament, the weekly Bingo nights, the walk up to Green Mountain - which is less green & more of a gigantic dune, the $1 ice cream stand, the bonfires on the beach and the end of summer dance. There's something so special about a place where your grandparents met their best friends, and your parents met theirs, and you have yours. It's like a huge family reuinon. And as a first-time weekend visitor, it really feels like that.

We tried to spend most of our time outside - morning runs, walks on the beach, tennis, dips in the lake, al fresco parties. And when it rained, we went into Saugatuck to visit Michigan's own American Spoon for their famous dried cherries & yummy jams.

I'd go back in a heartbeat.

And for the record, (and mostly for East-Coasters) Lake Michigan really is like the ocean - without the salty water or the (slightly irrational) fear of sharks or (more plausible) fear of getting bit by a crab. My family would kill me, but lakes are pretty awesome.


Linda & Harriett
abby jane
August 10 2009

love the reflection picture, oh so beautiful!

August 10 2009

It really IS like the ocean!

Lucky D
August 11 2009

Those pictures are fantastic! I could use some of those cherries right about now too…

August 10 2009

From your delicious pictures, it looks like you had a great time and that everything was/is beautiful.

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