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Linda & Harriett
August 26, 2009 • 6 comments

I decided that our tags needed some more color, some more pizazz. And since I'm the boss:) I decided to switch up the ribbon from twine to double-faced satin. We use the same ribbon for our annual calendar (stay tuned for the launch of 2010 on Friday!) and I love the contrast of the shiny ribbon and the matte finish of letterpress.


Linda & Harriett
August 26 2009

You ARE the boss! I love it. Ditto what sd said. :)

southern daze
August 26 2009

They're gorgeous! I think I just may need to add some of them to the calendar order I'm certain to place. Can't wait for Friday :-)

Delicate Creature
August 27 2009

very good decision!

Olivia Broadwater Stewart
August 26 2009

me likie

August 26 2009

so pretty!

August 28 2009

Great color combos!

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Linda & Harriett

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