With next week beginning the month of September, I thought it might not me too early to unveil our 2010 Calendar. I know, I know, we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet. And while we're not Party City who starts stocking its shelves with costumes in June (!), I do know that people think ahead with their calendars and gift-giving. And we thank you for that!

So here it is - our letterpressed 2010 Calendar. This year, we've added a twist that we're hoping will help encourage you to write more letters. The reverse-side of each month has an area to write a post card. At the end of each month, you can cut, write & send a quick note. I had to make sure that both the month and the post card format worked - cause what's the point if you're left with an ugly post card? And because you'll send the post card after the month has passed, I designed each month to be more seasonal and less month-specific. So no stars & stripes in July or orange & black in October. I find the result is kind of refreshing, actually. I'll go to Party City if I want to be clobbered over the head with ghosts & goblins.

Hope you like!

Have a great weekend.


Linda & Harriett
southern daze
August 28 2009

Yay! Happy Friday indeed :-)It's absolutely gorgeous. The colors make me smile and I can't wait to see it brightening up my walls come January. The fact that I can use the past months as post cards makes me giddy (I love being able to reuse things!)Nicely done!!

August 28 2009

LOVE IT! You are so clever!

August 28 2009

LOVE it! I am not excited that next week brings the end of August, but I am excited that this will grace my walls come January!

August 28 2009

Beautiful, what a fantastic idea~! I love all of them.

Lucky D
August 28 2009

LOVE! They are fantastic! I am currently obsessed with my 2009 calendar as well. xo

August 28 2009

I am beyond pumped about this post and product! I'll be placing my order later today!

August 28 2009

Absolutely love it! I wish it were already 2010 so that we could use them!

Red Velvet
August 28 2009

LOVE this. I love my 2009 calendar and cannot wait to purchase the 2010 calendar. And I LOVE the idea that we can use old months as postcards. So unique.

Anna/Quilted Giraffe
August 29 2009

I LOVE it! This will be my 2010 calendar for sure! April is so cute, as are June and October!(Btw, I met you briefly at the d*s Sweet Melissa meet-up the other week, and it was lovely to be able to put a face to a name—or calendar, as it happens.)

Beth J.
August 29 2009

I love the new calendar. I can't wait to one this year! My favorites are January, May, and June but they are all BEAUTIFUL!

August 31 2009

your 2010 calendar is great! such a clever idea!

Olivia Broadwater Stewart
August 29 2009

It gets better and better every year and I'm not sure how that's possible — AMAZING!

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