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Linda & Harriett
September 18, 2009 • 7 comments

I lined 200 envelopes yesterday morning & didn't stop all day long. I even forgot to post! I guess that's why there's usually two of us here.

I'm even more excited that the weekend is here today because John & I are heading up to Maine today to celebrate our three year anniversary. It's becoming a little tradition for us - our anniversary trip up to Maine - where we went to college, met and got married. We're going all the way up toAcadia National Park. Since it's such a haul, we're taking Monday off as well. I can't wait!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Linda & Harriett
September 18 2009

Happy Anniversary to you! We are celebrating ours as well. We do the same thing as you, only our tradition is Asheville.

southern daze
September 18 2009

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely + relaxing weekend.Those envelopes are FANTASTIC!

September 18 2009

Happy anniversary to you both. Enjoy the long weekend.

the NEO-traditionalist
September 21 2009

You are too cute. I'm a huge fan of your stationary and your blog. Starting your own company at 27…such an inspiration! Oh and I hope you enjoy your weekend in Maine. My fiance is from there and it won me over instantly as well. Such a uniquely beautiful landscape and so many great vintage/antique finds off route 1!XX Kate "the NEO-trad"

September 18 2009

Happy anniversary, Liz! Those envelopes look awesome, and I hope you two have a swell weekend.

October 15 2009

i want those envelope liners! how gorgeous!

Dorkys Ramos
September 21 2009

Oh that envelope lining is so pretty! Happy anniversary and hope your trip went well!P.S. The Linda & Harriett post is up on my blog :)

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