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Linda & Harriett
October 20, 2009 • 13 comments

I have been overwhelmed by the response to our Cards for Just Because campaign. I was up to the wee hours (watching an epic Phillies win) addressing envelopes to send out to you all & am still not done! The emails have been so positive, sweet, and at times touching & moving. I'd guess that 60% of you mentioned you had someone specific in mind to receive this card. We had a great international response, thanks to a few blogs that posted on our behalf (thank you!!), and almost all of them said that they'd understand if we weren't sending them out of the US, but thanked us for the gesture. Amazing.

This whole experience has been simply heart warming. Thanks to you & anyone who passed this along, we're sending out about 400 note cards all over the world. That's a lot of simple gestures and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Back to addressing...


Linda & Harriett
October 20 2009

The idea alone was the perfect way to honor your mom on its own, the result times 100. Congrats on an amazing tribute.

October 20 2009

thank YOU, Liz, for bringing about such a massive amount of kindness!xpKelly

October 20 2009

no… thank you so much for your kindness… we're just passing it along!

October 20 2009

Wow, what a wonderful way to honor your Mom – how nice that L&H love will end up in mailboxes across the world!

October 22 2009

An even bigger thanks to you! This really is such a sweet gesture. :-)

October 20 2009

if i were closer, i would have loved to help (hope you had some!)

Paper Pastries
October 23 2009

I received my card today! thanks so much, I will send it tomorrow.

October 22 2009

I got my card today. It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for such a wonderful idea. I can't wait to send it. :-)

October 26 2009

I was truly amazed at the speed at which your card made it here to the UK and right out to me in the middle of no-where in the countryside. It really brightened my morning because I had been put on bed-rest by the doctor – perfect pick-me-up! A massive thank you xx

plaisirs simples
October 24 2009

oh my! what a project!

October 23 2009

Got my card!! Am putting it in the mail tomorrow! Love the concept. Thank you!!! :)

October 27 2009

Thank YOU! I received my card earlier this week and love it. What a beautiful gesture.

October 27 2009

This was such a lovely tribute Liz! I sent my card out to my 91-year old grandad the other day.xxoo

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