New: Moose Tags!

Linda & Harriett
November 18, 2009 • 4 comments

I'm unapologetic about being moose crazy, so here we go with another moose addition! New to our shop: laser-cut chipboard moose tags.

I plan on tying them on wine bottles for holiday parties. Forget wine labels! No one will forget who brought the wine with the moose tag.

I used them as garland for our trunk show last night. I'd love to get some wire and make a wreath of these little moose guys. Maybe even spray-painted gold or green:)


Linda & Harriett
November 18 2009

Aren't they just the best! I love all your ideas but especially the one about putting them on wine bottles – no-one would forget xx

December 18 2009

Oh! How cute!

November 18 2009

I love these! If you do make a wreath, PLEASE post a picture. That would be the best. I like the neutral color with a big ol' red bow. Or even green bow. Ahh…fun.

November 18 2009

These are so adorable & creative!

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