Besides driving to & from Vermont this weekend, I took on this little decoupaging project. Several owners ago, this room used to be a recording studio. (It even has one of those big double-paned windows that looks into our living room.) We're using it as our home office - mostly for John, since I "already have an office." :)

I decided to surprise him with this Charley Harper wall - not knowing how he'd react. (My friend asked me before I started, "Does he even like Charley Harper?" My answer: "I don't know, but I do." But it really was for you John, I swear.) I love Charley Harper's illustrations, so I color-copied six fish illustrations from Charley Harper, an Illustrated Life and glued them to the one wall. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I looked online for suggestions & figured it out pretty quickly. It's basically one big craft project - lots of cutting & gluing - and running out to the copy place when you run out. So fun and so instantly gratifying.

And best of all - he loves it. Hooray!


Linda & Harriett
Kathryn Sall
December 07 2009


katy elliott
December 07 2009

Looks amazing. Love the fish. Super cheerful!

jen jafarzadeh
December 07 2009

looks amazing, Liz! I love Charley Harper, too. I don't know how Dan would react if I decoupaged a wall as a surprise though — you're brave! so fun that he loves it.

Liz Libré
December 08 2009

Yes he is Tommy. Yes. He. Is. :)

December 07 2009

That John is a lucky guy. :) This looks awesome!

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