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Linda & Harriett
December 11, 2009 • 5 comments

It was a busy busy day here at L&H yesterday - hence, no post. We sold out of our 2010 Calendar! I can't believe it. We never sell out before the end of the year. I usually have enough to give as Christmas gifts, but not this year. Stupid me didn't think about setting aside some for myself! I'll have to think of something else to give as gifts that's on par. It's going to be hard though - I really love this calendar. So good for all of you who ordered one! If you missed out, there might be some retailers out there who still have some. Find a store in your area here.


Linda & Harriett
Anna/Quilted Giraffe
December 11 2009

Whew, I'm glad I snagged mine in October!!(Also, if it's of any help to anyone, I saw a few at the Kate's Paperie on Spring St a few days ago.)

December 14 2009

I got mine through an awesome calendar swap – it truly is delightful.

December 12 2009

We still have about a half a dozen at Bennett Schneider in Kansas City – give us a call and we will ship! (816-444-8484)

December 11 2009

This is great news, Liz! I can see why it went so quickly. It's delightful.

January 12 2010

I love this calendar to pieces! I got mine from Mindy Gayer's boutique in Newport Beach when I was visiting family in Southern California. The design pretty much won me over and the postcard bit is a nice touch. This piece also introduced me to your store and blog, btw. Just wanted to share that.

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