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Linda & Harriett
January 04, 2010 • 3 comments

We spent the last week enjoying the wintery wonderland of Vermont. Getting there (above) was a little hairy with an average speed of 20mph. But we made it!

We went cross country skiing every day with Kingsley - who pretty much had the best week of her little life. Downside to that: She no longer gets her trail snacks. And I think she resents us for living in a city:(

Wore my big snow boots that made my feet feel like they never left the fire.

And had lots of warm yummy food along the way. This place (above) was a little cabin tucked into the woods where you had to snow shoe or ski to get to. Could have hung out there all day - a fireplace, some soup and a magic bar - perfect.

Anyway - feels good to be back home & slowly getting back into the swing of things here at L&H. Hope you all had a nice holiday & happy happy new year!!


Linda & Harriett
katy elliott
January 06 2010

Oh where did you go? I was researching places around stowe. We cross country skied to a dinner once in Aspen & it was awesome. Would love to do it again in Vermont.

January 04 2010

This looks very close to perfect. Happy New Year, Liz.

Liz Libré
January 06 2010

Hi Katy!The cabin in the woods was along the trails of the Trapp Family Lodge – big nordic area there. I think the cabin may only be open til 3pm or something. I highly recommend it though. Soup & brownies have never tasted so good:)xo

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