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Linda & Harriett
January 19, 2010 • 1 comment

I still can't believe we leave for Sundance tomorrow. And, I just found out from the PR firm we are working with that they're expecting about 600 people to come through over four days. Mamma mia! While I try to collect myself over here, I wanted to share some more flats we are packaging right now for the event. I'm so excited about these. They're printed in a flourescent orange on the front and an all-over gray pattern on the back. Not only do I want to use these for all correspondence, but I told Katie I want to stitch together a whole bunch of these to make a big paper carpet. Well, maybe not a carpet, but something.

Off to prep!


Linda & Harriett
January 19 2010

Love it. I'm seeing razor blades, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and train tracks. Have an awesome trip!

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